Thank you to the 10 people who joined the MURS radio test today!

In preparation for Fire Drills, Mock Evacuation, and a REAL FIRE, we all need MURS radios to communicate in an emergency. Today we did a test to see which Micro Communities we could hear and how we will relay vital evacuation instructions when we don’t have power.

Thank you to the following for testing their radios with us today:
Keith T (Amigo)
Susan T (2392 NRG)
Matt P (4400 NRG)
Fred M (HVR)
Carolyn (HVR)
Remco (Chardonnay)
Melody (3710 NRG)
Marianna M (HVR)
Teresa L (2340 NRG)

If you don’t have a radio, please get one and Keith or Eric will program it for you!

See you on the 3rd Sat of Nov!

For anyone with a handheld radio, you might consider getting a larger whip antenna like this one from Amazon for $25.
The reality is in any evacuation hopefully each of us will be in our cars leaving the area. We will likely not have very good reception in our cars driving away.

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I believe that antenna if for Mhz, which is Not MURS.
While it will work for the PRIVATE channels, which are UHF, I don’t think it will work for MURS also.
It is difficult to make a dual-band antenna that covers larger portions of both bands.
A longer antenna, which can work better, would be for around 155Mhz.
I see if I can find a link.
A magnet-mount for your car would be far better than just a longer whip “rubber duck” on the handheld.


Here is a dual band “rubber duck” that theoretically could work better for both MURS and the Private UHF channels, I have not tested it.
I will do more research, so don’t order anything yet.


Thanks for the info Keith. It’s what I used yesterday in our test so it must be working?

You were good copy Matt. A single band antenna for 155.000 Mhz would be good. It is just hard to tell as they say their Antenna is VHF or 136-174, but it is impossible to optimize for that whole range. It depends on the design too. A fat rubber duck might cover 150-160 fairly well, but not one that is DUAL band, those ususally are only about 3Mhz wide on VHF. So really hard to tell by the sales description!

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