Thanks for your participation in CalFire's attack drill yesterday!

In a test to see how the NRG Firewise community would react to a reverse 9-1-1 message about a wildfire, I worked with the OR3 (EOC) to lay out an unannounced plan. We wanted to see how many people would get the message, check their MURS radio (the NRG channel), and wait for further instructions. By doing this on a weekday morning when parents are rushing around getting kids off to school, people are at work, and many are out of town, we wanted to assess the best way to reach people.

During an actual wildfire, we may not have power so we would rely solely on our MURS radios. But for this test, I called 27 Micro Community Leaders and sub-leaders to tell them that this was a test and that CalFire has notified me that there was a wildfire in the SC Gardens area. I spoke with 14 MC leaders who then emailed, texted, or called members in their Micro Communities. I left messages for 13 MC leaders.

We received a great response from the neighbors who were contacted by their MC leaders. Special thanks to the Ponza MC! Mari emailed and texted her neighbors and got a 50% response! Other people on Ponza and Chimney Creek also phoned and emailed others so there was lots of communication on Ponza.

We had about 10 people join us on the MURS radio during the test. I called in a report at various stages of the test to ARES (ham radio network), who then called the OR3. The OR3/EOC is the organization that issues the evacuation orders and works with the sheriff and CHP on execution of these orders. This was the first time that we actually had a drill to communicate through this network. It was successful and I’m so glad that we have this well-organized system established.

Over the past 24 hours, more than 20 people have called, emailed, and texted me! Lots of people asked about the MURS radio, and promised to order theirs. Keith and Eric will program your MURS radio so you’ll be set up with our NRG channel and have the ability to hear Central, CalFire, OR3, PGE and Sheriff channels. Search this forum to get the link for the MURS radio and contact info for Keith and Eric.

I’ll be meeting with OR3 to discuss next steps for communication tests and egress drills. Also meeting with the Board of Directors next week to discuss next steps to help our community safely evacuate and work together to save lives.

In the meantime, please join us on our Saturday MURS tests (every 3rd Saturday morning at 9:00-9:30 am). Keep your MURS radios charged and on so you can hear messages from us.