Tiime to weedwhack! From Tony Akin (Central Fire)

It is TIME to start working on getting the grass, 5ft hardening, Defensible Space around your home. Any rain from this point is not going to make a difference, so let your neighbors, firewise folks, etc, know its time to take the grass down. FYI with the abundance of rain this year the fuel moistures in the 100hr fuels (The 100 hr fuel moisture value represents the modeled moisture content of dead fuels in the 1 to 3 inch diameter class. It can also be used as a very rough estimate of the average moisture content of the forest floor from ¾ inch to 4 inches below the surface. Larger bushes, small logs and timber between 3 to 6 inches in diameter would be considered " 100 hour fuels**")** is doing very good. But NOW is the time to get this cleaned up. From this point on until we get significant rain (over 1 inch) the threat of a wildfire starting and growing is expediential. Inland the state is already experiencing grass fires with structure losses. Also this year Central Fire has a couple of new Ordinances dealing with lots and large parcels. If you have an acre or less of grass we are requiring 100% mowed. If more than an acre we require you to cut 10ft along property line or double the height of the fuel along property boundary. For clarity just shoot me an email. Please pass this along to your peeps.

Have A Great Day!!