Time to test your MURS radios -- or order them if you haven't already!

We’re doing a MURS radio test on Saturday, August 20th, from 9:00-9:30 AM. If you’d like to borrow a radio, I have a few to lend out. You can also buy them from Eric Swenson; he has one that is already programmed for NRG and to scan fire, sheriff, and PG&E channels.

We’re preparing our communications system so we’re ready for fall when we’ll be experiencing high winds and extreme heat…

Join us! I’ll be sharing some exciting news about our Mock Evacuation plans.

Hi Susan,
If I order the radio- can I still send it to Keith or should I have it sent here and try to program it myself?

Julie, You can have your UV-82C MURS radio to either Keith Trinity or Eric Swenson. Email them so they know to expect it, and they’ll let you know when you can pick it up from their homes.

We are going to finalize our MC communities (membership) and permission to be placed on the NRG Firewise Map (in the forum) that will be used to contact people during an evacuation. Please get your neighbors to go to the forum, sign up for their MC, and enter contact info and permission in your MC before Sept 11th. We won’t update that map or list for at least one year…

I emailed you the spreadsheet for your MC with instructions. So far, only Will Cassilly and Nancy Harper (and you!) have done so…