UCANR Post-Fire Porest Resilience Workshop

The University of California Ag and Natural Resouces is hosting an ongoing post-fire forest resilience workshop. It started this past Tuesday (1/30/24) but I just heard they have space for more attendees. See https://ucanr.edu/sites/forestry/Post-fire_Forest_Resilience/Post-fire_Forest_Resilience_Workshops/.

Targeted Audience:

Private forest landowners within the coastal mountains of Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and surrounding counties. Ecosystem discussions will highlight mixed conifer systems, grasslands, oaks and redwoods. Landowners, agencies, non-profits, tribes, community members and anyone who wants to learn about post-fire forested, landscapes are welcome!

Workshop Series Goal:

To connect landowners affected by recent wildfires to post-fire management concepts, strategies, professionals, and programs.