Want a drone to map your property and get a free wildfire defense report?

Firemaps came to my property with a drone to take photos of my house, structures, and vegetation. It took about an hour and a few days later I met with their reps to review a comprehensive report and amazing photos of my property. With the drone, they were able to get close to the roof, eaves, trees, sheds, greenhouse, and vegetation. They made a list of high-priority tasks and gave estimates for how much it might cost to get done by professionals. By listing products for paint and gutters, they make it easy for DIYers, too.

Considering that Central Fire has been to my place a dozen times, I already knew what needed to be done, but it was nice to have a second opinion. I also really like all of the maps! It helps me layout my list of priorities.

The best part: it’s FREE! The drone, the meetings, the reports – all free. They aren’t sales people so they don’t try to sell you anything. They do recommend services and products if you want them, but they really provide a cool service.

If you’re interested, go to firemaps.com. Better yet, contact Bailey, and tell her I sent you from NRGFirewise: bailey@firemaps.co. She’s great and fun to work with.


They just told me they wanted to charge me almost $150 that could be applied to some of the work done.

Same here. To get to drone level or personal inspection, they wanted $150.

When I spoke to Bailey, she told me that they used to charge $149 for the service, but they are now offering it for free. I received all of the above and didn’t pay a dime. They never asked for any payment information either. I just emailed them to inquire about the fee and mentioned that I posted this in our forum and elsewhere. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear back from them. Did you ask for Bailey?

I wrote back to Bailey and suggested that she tell you Susan that there was now a charge so you could change it on the website. Later she wrote back that she got “approval to waive it for this circumstance”. So I have a free one scheduled for this Friday.

Glad you got the drone and report for free. I would recommend that others on NRG interested in this service should call Bailey and request a free drone and report. I told her I was going to post this on our forum and on the South Bay Firewise forum too. Bailey thanked me… I think they must get commissions on products and services that you get from contractors. This would be great for them to do just to get their commissions. I bet lots of people will buy products and/or services. I know I’m checking into the paint they recommend and the gutter guards.

I am checking into the vents. They use Brandguard instead of the Vulcan advertised at the fire meeting.
This is what I have found out so far:
Vulcan incorporates a 1/16 – inch mesh screen in their design.
Brandguard uses a 1/8 – inch diamond mesh screen in their design. .

Finer mesh sizes of 1/8 – inch (3 mm) or 1/16 – inch (1.5 mm) are preferred. The finer 1/16 – inch mesh screen requires more cleaning-related maintenance to remove the debris that can accumulate on the screen surface.