Want to be part of the MURS radio communication team on NRG?

When there’s a wildfire or other disaster on NRG, we probably will NOT have electricity or cell service. With 261 households on NRG, imagine what will happen with 300-400 cars trying to evacuate at the same time? We don’t want to be another Paradise…

We are testing our MURS radios on Saturday, January 15th, from 10:00-11:00 AM. The goal is to see where our relay people need to be so that we can reach all 261 households. Last month, we found that I could reach most people on Ponza, Hidden Valley, and Amigo/Bronco Roads. There are pockets on these roads that we could not reach and we’d like to know who lives there.

On the 15th, we want to see exactly where we need relay people so I can send messages using the MURS radios to all of the 15 micro communities on NRG. Remember – we don’t want people to get in their cars to evacuate or to get information. We really need to use the MURS communication system so we’re all in the know and we make smart decisions based on our discussions with EOC and other emergency personnel.

I have a few extra MURS radios that can be used for this test. We need about 4 volunteers to chart where we can and cannot get reception. Think: Can you hear me now? LOL.

This is a vital step in reaching our 2022 Firewise goals. Please join us!

Hi Susan,
We are on Ponza near the bottom (400). We could help with a test on the 15th. We haven’t gotten a radio yet but could borrow one if you have one. We might get one after trying it. Thanks! Patty and Tam Holbert

Hi Patty and Tam,
Thank you! That will be perfect! I can lend you 2 MURS radios. Please meet me at my place 2392 NRG to pick up the radios at 9:45 am.

This is exciting!

Hi Susan,

I can participate. I already have my MURS radio. I also now have ham radio and license so can help with communications with ARES during real emergencies.

Thanks Eric! Could you test the area north of Ponza? We’ll need to get a partner to help you with another MURS radio. Carolyn Stallard, do you have a MURS radio? Maybe you (and your partners) could join Eric? Anyone else? Thanks so much!

We will come by at 9:45 on the 15th to borrow the radios and get instructions.

Perfect! Looking forward to this test date! We hope to determine where we need MURS radios to set up an emergency relay system up NRG and the side streets. Thank you!

I have a MURS radio, Paul has a compatible fancier radio, and we’re planning to participate on Jan 15, driving wherever you think we still need to test coverage; I’ll take notes of dead locations. If Keith is standing by, we’ll also try to determine whether any locations cannot hear him.

Thank you Carolyn! Keith will be working with us on this test date between 10:00-11:00 am. Thrilled that Paul is going to help us! Thanks!

Hi Susan, I learned today that I need to be helping my son on Saturday in Redwood City, so Tam will come and borrow a radio but I will not be with him and if you were reserving a radio for me, please let someone else use it. He will see you on Saturday at 9:45.

Thanks for the heads up! He can pick up the radio from me in the morning and I’ll set him up with another tester.

Hi Susan,
I sent an email this morning offering Alayne Meeks to fill in for me. But since Eric Swenson is partnering with Tam she won’t be participating so please ignore my email that I sent. : )

Alayne would be really helpful! I just emailed you.

Just completed our Jan 15th MURS test on NRG. Thank you toKeith Trinity, Eric Swenson, Tam Holbert, Jerome Garcia, and Pat Meyer for helping us test emergency communications on the north part of NRG.

I was able to talk to people with MURS radios from my place (2392 NRG) up to 4800 NRG. We need someone on the ridge at 4625 or anywhere on Nehf to be a key MURS radio base station for us. That way, we could reach all households on the northern side of NRG. Any recommendations?

We have successfully completed MURS testing on Ponza, Amigo/Bronco, and parts of HVR. Paul Stuhley has volunteered to test the canyon areas of HVR, which are the most worrisome areas because he probably won’t be able to reach them with regular MURS antennas.

We still need to test the areas south of Chardonnay (including Chardonnay) to Soquel Drive (minus the trailer park). If you live in these areas or know how to contact people in these areas, please ask them to contact me to set up a test. I can only reach Amigo Road from my place.

By having a MURS radio base station on Lupin, Rodeo Ridge, and/or Chardonnay, we could probably reach the whole south end of NRG. This is vital for all of us when you consider evacuating 260 households (nearly 600 people) during an emergency.

Thanks to all who have helped me organize today’s very successful test of MURS communication on NRG.