Want to get 5% off your homeowner's policy?

To qualify for the additional 5% discount on your homeowner’s insurance with State Farm, they provide you a checklist of things you need to do to your home, 100 feet around your home, and your driveway and roads to your home. I’ve attached the checklist and the form you provide to State Farm to see if your house qualifies. I am reviewing the list this weekend and creating a list of priorities to do on my property.
2022 02 State Farm Wildfire Home Hardening Checklist
2022 02 State Farm Wildfire Checklist Form page 1
2022 02 State Farm Wildfire Checklist Form page 2
2022 02 State Farm Wildfire Checklist page 3

Too tiny to read. Are these paper documents you obtained from your agent? (Which reminds me, I need a new agent, mine retired.) I’m not finding them online…

A link to the checklist would be helpful to be able to read it and fill it out. Thanks Susan.

This forum software apparently only allows pgs, and not pdfs, so I had to convert the pdf to these jpgs. I will try to upload the pdfs here. If you can’t read the jpgs, email me and I’ll email you the pdfs. If anyone knows how to send pdfs using this forum’s software, please let me know!

Thanks, Susan. Maybe share the PDFs on Google Drive?

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Susan did this valuable information get posted as a downloadable pdf somewhere?

I just had a conversation with my new State Farm agent, Evan Darling. We went through the checklist (he has a copy), and I fall short because the siding on my house is not fireproof. Sorry, that’s a bridge too far; changing the siding would not only be expensive, but also would destroy the character of this 1970s house. I’ve already complied with the 5-ft, 30-ft, and 100-ft rules, at considerable expense. I have exceeded their requirements for gutters (replaced vinyl with steel, added gutter flashing); I have sprinklers on the roof; and 20 FACE automatic fire extinguishers in place around the house. But the eaves are not enclosed, nor will I enclose them. AFAIK, embers don’t usually stick to vertical surfaces…

Carolyn, did you get the 2% discount for living in a recognized Firewise community?

My house doesn’t qualify for the 5% discount because of the roads to the house…

Why do you have a new State Farm agent?

My State Farm agent retired. Apparently one doesn’t get a choice when that happens. First they shunted me to someone in Salinas who was unacquainted with the fire discounts, then to Evan Darling in Felton, who has been helpful.

Evan is working on my 2% discount. He might contact you, Susan, to verify my residence in the NRG Firewise community.

As for the road to the house, the State Farm width requirement is 25 ft: wider than the fire requirement for County roads, which is 20 ft. One could take issue with State Farm’s minimum driveway width! I might do that next time I talk with Evan.