We have identified FIVE Egress routes for evacuation on NRG!

Tony Akin and I met with 20 property owners to discuss their 5 egress routes that can be used for emergency evacuation this morning. We are laying out the egress routes on our NRG Firewise Map and sharing that with Central Fire.

I’m ordering white reflective signs that will read:
No Trespassing,
Emergency Use Only

These signs will be placed along NRG and along the pathways to and through the egress routes. This will give all 300+ households the opportunity to learn where all of the evacuation possibilities are located.

Most of these egress routes have locked gates to prevent people from using them for non-emergency purposes. We hope that you’ll all respect the property owners’ privacy.

Special thanks to the Chaminade and the 7th Day Adventist group for maintaining clean, safe egress routes for all of NRG. I am grateful to the following families who are making this all possible: Mai/Cahills, La Rues, Wainers, Seldens, Phelans, Gilcrests, Tolonens, Magranets, and Warrens.

We are the BEST firewise community and so proud to work with all of you!

Thank you Susan, Tony, and involved property owners.
Will you advise when such a map is available?
–Jim Starr

Yes! If you’d like to help us, we are looking for someone to help us double check the names and numbers as we enter them on the map and check the forum for accuracy. It’s easy to do… just tedious. We’re planning to do this on Friday, Sept 30 12-2 PM. Not sure Amy English and I can get it done by ourselves. If you can’t help us, do you know anyone who can? Thanks so much!