We need more CERTs on NRG -- here's how you can get free training!

During a catastrophic disaster – when EMS and medical personnel will probably not be able to get to us – we will rely on our community for help. I just completed the CERT training last year and hope you’ll join me.

Here’s a brief description of CERT and the options for getting certified:

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is about readiness . . . people helping people and rescuer safety. When a widespread disaster strikes, professional responders are likely to be overwhelmed and unavailable for many. People will have to rely on each other, as history in the Loma Prieta earthquake reflects. Are you ready to help? Having CERT volunteers acting as immediate responders to supplement fire, law and medical services is a vital resource in the case of natural disaster.

The FEMA - certified CERT Training Program is offered at no cost to all Santa Cruz County residents.The skills taught are low-risk, but high-benefit actions that may be taken to minimize life and property loss at a time when professional responders are certain to be overwhelmed by community needs. You will learn what to do on your own, in your neighborhood, and how to help others as part of a CERT team.

We have two tracks for CERT Basic this year:

  1. CERT Basic Hybrid Class combines online training with an in-person class and a hands-on skill-check session.
  • Phase 1 is a 12- to-15-hour FEMA-developed online course of instruction and a 2-hour California CERT-developed online triage unit. The online training is broken into 9 units that may be taken in any order and at your own pace and convenience. This online class is followed by in-person review and skills practice.
  1. CERT Basic In-Person Class will be offered twice in 2022, the first time in April/May in Aptos. This class is being offered for those who prefer to learn in person instead of online. The class will consist of 4 evening classes which combine lecture, discussion, and hands-on skills practice. The class concludes with one full-weekend day session that includes classwork, review, and hands-on team activities including search and rescue, extractions, proper use of fire extinguishers, and cribbing.

For more information please go to CERT Training – Santa Cruz County CERT