What is your ISO rating?

Marco Mack just shared information on how we can find our individual ISO rating.

Here is more details from Marco:
ISO Public Protection Classification is a proprietary ranking system for Fire Departments.

Some insurance carriers subscribe to the service and use this to determine Fire Insurance Rates.

A Class 1 is the highest and the lowest is Class 10.

Some Insurance Brokers do not pay for the service and they will ask residents to call their Fire Department and ask for the ISO rating.

Insurance companies who do pay for the service – can look-up the ISO rating for each address they serve.

The Public Protection Classification is used by some Fire Departments to show their Board of Directors or City Council – “What level of Fire Protection you are paying for.” This is similar to an accreditation process.

The purveys of the ISO ranking also have another service called FireLine Score. This is used by Insurance Companies to rank the Wildfire Risk for an address.

I’ll learn more at a Firewise meeting in January 2022. We need to understand more about our ISO ratings and what we can do to improve them.


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