Where are we clearing on NRG egress routes?

Tony Akin, Central Fire, and I just marked (with white paint) the trees, limbs, and overgrowth that our NRG Firewise volunteers and workers will remove on Chardonnay (did this last week), Amigo, Felicidad, and Ponza. Phew!

We need chainsaws, weedwhackers, wheelbarrows, ladders, and pole saws (extensions). Please donate them to us for the day by dropping them off at my house (2392 NRG) or bringing them with you.

If you plan to join us, please email me at susan@meritworld.com. I’m laying out the plan for the work day on Sunday, August 27th, between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm.

If you can’t join us or donate equipment, please pay $100 to contribute towards hiring help.

I’d like to provide sandwiches, chips, and water to all of the helpers. If you can prepare or purchase these items for the crew, that would be wonderful. Please let me know so I don’t have to do this myself.

Thank you, Tony, for pointing out exactly what we need to remove, limb, and weed whack to provide a safe egress during an evacuation (and our egress fire drill). This is the 3rd time Tony has helped me identify what needs to be done. NRG is looking good, and it’s going to be amazing when we’re done.

In the future, we’ll need to maintain these roads just once per year. We’re working on other egress routes to give us even more and better options.

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