Wrapping water tanks with foil

We wrapped two 2,500-gallon water tanks with aluminum foil, the same stuff they used to wrap the Giant Sequoias a couple of years ago:

Wrapping both tanks required 115 feet of 5-ft-wide aluminum foil.

Shipped from Sacramento.

Eeks more to do? And what does the foil prevent? (They do look kind of cool)

The foil prevents fire from reaching the tanks, which are made of resin, so they could melt. I gather it happened to some people in the CZU fire. Because these tanks are under and surrounded by trees, I think just covering the tops would not be enough. We still need to wrap the PVC pipes and one foam-covered pipe.

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Thanks for sharing this. Where did you buy the foil? How much did it cost? That’s a great idea! They look like giant baked potatoes!

In the original post there’s a link to Firezat, Inc. The foil comes in 200-ft long, 5-ft wide rolls that weigh 47 lb and cost $844 each. Shipped from Sacramento via UPS.

Somewhere on that website there’s a gallery of photos showing assorted uses. The foil has a heat-resistant backing that makes it fairly easy to manage, and also protects it from tearing.

They recommended wrapping the foil-covered tanks with chicken wire to keep the foil in place in high winds. As Tony Akin of Central Fire says, “wind trumps all”.