Sign up for Early Bird CHIPPING REIMBURSEMENT program now!

We’ve taken advantage of FREE chipping using the RCD’s Early Bird Chipping Reimbursement program for 3 years. Thanks to our FIREWISE recognition, we get first dibs! All you need is 8 neighbors to join you and your chipping costs will be reimbursed. Sign up before August 1st to improve your chances of getting approved.

Here is a link to the general program chipping page with full details. Chipping Programs | RCD Programs Scroll down for a link to the Neighborhood Chipping Reimbursement Program specific information. Make sure to check the map for eligible neighborhoods.

The password for FireWise USA early bird registration is chip22 . Please share this password ONLY FireWise Communities. General registration opens on August 1st at which time no password will be required.

If you have any questions, please email them to

We can do this! This is a great incentive to get your neighbors to start clearing and chipping now!


I just signed up for a group chipping project. If you’d like to join our group – you can get $250 worth of free chipping. Just let me know.
We are clearing our private road in the 2340-2580 NRG Micro Community on August 20th. All clearing and limbing up needs to be done by Oct 31.